Women in Gaming Australasia is committed to bringing you more exciting, educational and informative events. Our programs will raise awareness, provoke thought, drive change and develop your network within the gaming industry.

Following development workshops in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne, WGA is excited to announce another series of workshops, this time focusing on networking and how to be an effective networker.

It is true that what you know matters as much as who you know. The most successful executives have diverse and mutually supportive relationships both inside and outside of their organisation. Effective business networks connect you to new opportunities and ideas, provide advice and support, raise your profile and status, enhance your learning, advance your career, and increase your confidence and job satisfaction. 
Although many people fear networking, successful networking is a skill that can be taught. This workshop will offer a systematic approach for confident networking. Participants will analyse their existing networks and learn techniques for effective networking. Topics include:

• Developing an authentic elevator pitch
• Knowing your purpose and developing a strong personal brand
• The six sorts of relationships you need in your network
• Fostering reciprocal relationships
• Leveraging your network
• Nurturing your network

Concluding the workshop will be an opportunity to practice your new skills and network with others in the industry.

These workshops are free to attend and open to both women and men. Please forward this invitation onto your colleagues and networks.